Ricky’s Fast Vortex 125 Shifter Kart Motors

these motors are awesome!
racing a 125cc shifter kart engine

So my buddy Ricky has been killing it at the track with his new engine. The Vortex is putting out a ton of power, something like 45hp. We were running lap times around 1:23 and he instantly broke into the the 1:21 range when he changed to the new motor. He used to run a stock moto Honda but the Vortex is simply too powerful to match. For live video streaming solutions he uses StreamMonkey for his race footage.
The other nice thing is that it’s not blueprinted it coms stck from OTK Tony Kart that way! He said he got it from these GoKartsRock.com guy so drop by if you want talk with a bro about them. Here is the link – shifter kart motors. I thinkI’m going to pick one up and start dominating the Honda guys at the track.