Lets Talk About Gokart Tires

Let’s talk a little about tires today. A tire is a molecular structure made of steel and rubber and is incredibly dynamic in its performance. To understand the history of tires, I must go back to the caveman days. In the caveman days, they did not have a tire or a round cylinder so it was tough to move things from this we can deduct tires are all about moving things and moving things in a certain way.

Tires, for example on a go-kart, are also Springs shine down movement of the chassis of the go cart. This relationship of movement is called pounds per inch of travel. Goodyear, Firestone Bridgestone, mg are some of the top go-kart tire brands out there. They come in many different compounds, sizes, and uses. It’s critical that you pick the right size tire for your application and also the right compounds.

If it’s raining you better believe that you’re 125cc Shifter Kart is going to spin out of control if you do not have the right tires on it. The tires when being crushed by a 2-stroke engine with that kind of power, really do a fantastic job or else you are going to fly off the track. Because tires are a molecular compound of rubber, they heat up and cool off. It is important that you take this all into consideration when you go up to race at the track.